Important  to know:

Our Powerbox has since 2007 been sold trough channels with different names such as "OBR" and "Pagani" - these boxes are excatly the same as the product we sells today. -

Are you owner of an "OBR" box and wants the newest features then keep in mind:

To use software from ver. 9.xx needs the box to be reflashed here by us as manufactorer -

- Just ship the box to us and we will fix this for free.

Kind regards

Hans Hartmann



HP8440 POWERBOX - The simplest way to distribute the electric power.

The HP8440 Powerbox is a powerunit that makes fuses and relays unnessasary in your racecar.

The Powerbox replaces conventional fuses and relais, instead all power is controlled by this device.

Just type in the "fuse" size on each channel, link the input to an output function and you are ready to go.

The Box has a userfreindly CAN interface, this makes it possible to link to other devices such as ECU, Switch Panel, Dash board, this feature makes the outputs to be operated automaticly example - when you crank the engine the fuelpumpe starts, when engine is running the powersteering starts automaticly.

CAN Values and status of channels can also be sendt out on the CAN system, this could be for logging purpose or for switching on Led's on the switchpanel, sending messages to the Dash ect.

The Powerbox has also some flash functions, making external relais for indicator unnessasary.

We have more than 1500 units in racingcars worldwide, making life simpler for the electrics and mechanics, the many wins we have made with our clients tells its own story, also in case of accident the box proves its skills and minimize the risk of fire.

Who donĀ“t remember the Audi LMP1 Crash in LeMans 2012 with Mc Nish and the Ferrari 458, there was no fire, no smoke, all electric was shut down within 1/1000 of a second. Again our Powerbox made it safer for the driver, and minimiced the chanche for fire. Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, Pagani and other manufacturers has chosen it - so its proven technology.

Please download the Product Datasheet, it explains a lot.

Also keep in mind - our software is free - download it, get our own configuration files and try to understand this fantastic unit. If you need help or have questions Please contact us.

Your success is our success.

Kind regards

Hans Hartmann Petersen


"the man behind the Powerbox"

Please notice - we laser engrave your logo on your box - this is the colours standard we have on stock.

if you have special demands - lets know.


All Files is included the HEX file, You find the file in \HPelec\Powerbox.Vxxx\Firmware\xxx.hex

xxx is Ver. Number

Hex File Ver. 9.16

Hex File Ver. 9.14

Hex File Ver. 9.12

Hex File Ver. 9.11

Hex File Ver. 9.10

Version 9.16  Released 9/2-2017 -  Softstart feature added  to   outputs - CAN export of all 32 channels

Version 9.14 Release 11/12-2016 - Bug Fix: Int. Wiper improved, Parking function Wiper works faster

Can export optimized.

Version 9.12 Release 1/10-2016 - New CAN Export feature for Life racing and others - All status, Inputs and Outputs has been exportet via CAN bus.

Version 9.11 Release 22/7-2016 - Toggle, 3 step+4 step via CAN, Support for 125 & 250Kbit CAN

Fixes timeout error read/write - Important use 9.10 to flash to Ver.9.11 - Please see readme file

Version 9.10 Release 30/3-2016 - Wiper Park Feature, Kill menu, Can Reset Feature, Flash Timers improvement. CAN export of tripped Channell, Auto fuse reset by timer.

Version 9.07 Release 14/2-2015 - Boot time for Improved from 1.5sec to 80ms.

Version 9.06 release 28/11-2014 Virtual Channels improved when using more than 15 lines

Version 9.05 13/5-2014 New feature Possible to abjust fuse level to 90A, this needs hardware B - Please read on the box - old boxes can be updated, please contact us for this operation.

Version 9.02 Released 18/12-2013 - New features - Selectable CAN speed 500Kbit & 1Mbit, Socket menu made in the software explaining the pinout for connectors..

Version 9.01 - More CAN Channels added.

Old Versions with "OBR" logo in the software, Logo removed because no more cooperation with OBR

Technical Handbook  explaining the features

Datasheet for Add.

Pin Configuration explaining the pinout of the box

Config files from Hartmann Racing Honda accord - Open in Powerbox software - File - open....

Config files from Hartmann Racing Mercedes C63 AMG with Membran Panl - Open in Powerbox software - File - open....

Deutch Manual of Connectors - Nice to Know

Pinout - How to connect USB