HP ELECTRONIK A/S was founded by Hans Hartmann Petersen in 1984.


Our company has many skills.  We make electronic controllers for many different sectors and we have our own in house SMT production.


We produce and develop electronics to be used in buses, trains, racing cars, laundry and ventilation systems, as well as wheelchair accessible and industrial vehicles.

Having the production "in house" gives us full control over quality.  We make products from conception to market, including hardware and software.  Software for the embedded part (CPU) and installation of the operational software is also one of our renowned skills.


Our racing department affords us an excellent opportunity for testing and as a result, be the leader in this industry.  We understand the need for the driver and team to perform to the maximum, how to win and how to be the best.  We have been in the racing business since 2001.  We have won many titles with our racing department - the STCC races, the ETCC 3 years in a row, the Nordic Championships and many more.


Our sister company, Ferro Doors A/S, located in Vejle DK, is a leading manufacturer of door systems for trains and buses throughout Europe.  They also have supplied equipment to the far East and Australia .  The company was founded in 1948;  HP Electronik has supplied them since 1984 and in 2011 we were proud to acquire this company.


Please see below our company details:


Tirsbaekvej 9

7120 Vejle East



Phone +45 96264333

Fax: +45 96264233

VAT : DK15944048

Bank: Spar Nord Herning

Lundvej 17-19

Hartmann Racing A/S

Lundvej 17-19, Lund

7400 Herning



Phone +45 53637888

Fax: +45 96264233

VAT: DK15944048

Bank: Spar Nord Herning

Ferro Doors A/S

Tirsbækvej 9

7120 Vejle Ø (East)



Phone +45 75895611

Fax: +45 75895739

VAT: DK18377136

Bank Spar Nord Herning

Ferro Doors
Racing Workshop
SMT Line
Hartmann Racing