The Radiokits we during many ears have sold to Teams around Europe is based on experience of our own racing Team Hartmann Racing

the reason for the devlopment was that the systems available in the markes was from our experince, expensive, complicated, big, heavy and

not optimezed for racing, so we made our own. Teams began to ask about our kits, and then we put in into production, now the pars is listed here, also some examples of what to use. - Please contact us if you have questions, - we would do your best so serve you.

HP8240 Car Kit Motorola

Here is shown a complete kit for one Mechanic with headset, drivers kit for a fullface helmet and carkit with pushbotton for the steering wheel.

The Kit is based on Motorla DP1400 UHF radioes. Peltor Headset with Souround Sound and Hartmann Carkit and Helmet kit with Earplugs.

To get the specified prices, please see our pricelist. I you needs som bigger solutions, please contact us, and we will make you a special offer on your soution.