HP8480 Intelligent Master Switch - CAN Bus - Rain Light - NEW!!!!! -

The master Switch is a supplement to our well known Powerbox, with this product its more simple to design your racecar, the masterswitch has inputs for 3 buttons - 1 on and 2 off push buttons - its makes you installation much simplet

It has also a build in system for Rain Light, its possible to activate this without having the master switch active, just like a small powerbox.

The HP8480 is intelligent - It can meassure if your electrical system is charging or discharging your battery, warning you that you are discharging your battery causing yourcar to stop sooner or later.

All this readings are beeing exported via CAN Bus to you logger or dash

The size of the HP8480 is 90mm x 130mm - Please see download section for technicaL details.