NEW - HP8442 Powerbox.

We have launched a new version of the Well known HP8441 with a lot of new fantastic features



+200A load (PCB tested to +400A)

Voltage 12 & 24 Volt

Active voltage 5.7-32-volt DC

Minimum current consumption – 2.3 mA

Weight: 543 Gram

Box Size 183x119x21

Box Type: Anodized Aluminum

Connectors AMPSEAL Gold Type AMPSEAL


39 Outputs can be controlled/monitored up to 6 levels:


Load to Low

Short Circuit

Open Wire

Active Status



1 Output

Failure and Reset input/output.


12 Inputs:


Negative Input

Positive Input

Analog Input

Pulse Input (PWM) max. 2Khz


Outputs General:

High side (+ Output)

Low side (Gnd. Output)

PWM 10hz -2Khz (Pulse)


32 CAN Inputs:



Fully configurable


CAN Export:

5 Levels of CAN Export

Fully Configurable CAN Export.

All Status´s export- Inputs, Outputs, Current, Status

Failures, Open Wire, Current, Temperature, and more


Special Functions:

CAN Monitor Build in - Logger.

Flash Timers

Delay Timers


Kill output function.

Start output Function.

Wiper Parking and logic

Virtual (Logical Inputs)

Error Log

Auto Reset Fuse

Sequence Functions

Automatic Power Down

CAN Export of all statuses, inputs, outputs, current use, virtual, failure states.

Failure Output with Reset



2 Years


Software Updates:

Free of charge.